Honda AWD Cars

Looking for a New Car in Eastern Kentucky, Southern Ohio, and West Virginia? Try an All-Wheel Drive Honda.

If you’re looking for a vehicle that can tackle whatever life throws at it, then there’s a good chance that you want the assurance provided by all-wheel drive, right? Well, if you’re looking for a reliable, affordable, and versatile vehicle with all-wheel drive near eastern Kentucky, southern Ohio, and West Virginia, we recommend a visit to a Tri-State Honda Dealer.

AWD Honda models are some of the best on the road, giving you the added traction you need without compromising on features or style. And right now, there are four to choose from.

Honda’s Compact Crossover: The 2015 CR-V AWD




2015 Honda CR-V AWD




Looking for a new family vehicle in the tri-state area? If you’ve got your eye on the 2015 Honda CR-V, you’re not alone; Honda’s crossover is one of our most popular models here at Tri-State Honda Dealer. From its four available trim levels to its powerful yet efficient 2.4L four-cylinder engine to its available all-wheel drive, there’s so much to love about Honda’s compact crossover.

But today we’re focusing on its capabilities, particularly with regard to all-wheel drive. Unlike many competing models, you’ll be able to get Honda’s Real Time AWD system on any trim level, even the entry-level LX trim, giving you the confidence you need without added features you may not want. When the CR-V’s AWD system detects a loss of traction, it switches on and directs power to your rear wheels, setting you on the right course. With 185 hp and 181 lb-ft of torque at your disposal, the CR-V AWD should have little trouble overcoming any obstacle. The electronic torque transfer system used is even one of the most responsive versions of AWD available, requiring minimal maintenance. To round out its capabilities, the CR-V is able to tow as much as 1,500 pounds when needed, no matter which trim level you’ve got. How’s that for a capable crossover?

Compact and Fun: The 2016 Honda HR-V AWD

2016 Honda HR-V Front View2016 Honda HR-V Interior Cabin

2016 Honda HR-V Rear View

2016 Honda HR-V AWD

2016 Honda HR-V Keyless Ignition2016 Honda HR-V Side View

2016 Honda HR-V Rear Seats

Eastern Kentucky, Southern Ohio, and West Virginia drivers in the market for a new crossover but looking for something a bit smaller than the CR-V, we have a solution for you, and it’s brand new: the 2016 Honda HR-V AWD. Like it’s front-wheel drive version, the HR-V AWD is available in three distinct trim levels, and each model has a 1.8L four-cylinder engine under the hood.

When Honda’s Real Time All-Wheel Drive system detects a loss of traction on the front wheels, it sends some of the engine’s 141 hp and 127 lb-ft of torque to the rear wheels via a continuously variable transmission to help get a better grip on the pavement. This state-of-the-art CVT helps ensure your HR-V AWD will be both capable and fuel efficient, always having the ideal gear ratio for a given situation.

Let us show you that you can have a compact crossover with all-wheel drive without having to compromise on features, fuel economy, or passenger space – visit a Tri-State Honda Dealer for a test drive.

Versatile and Unique: The 2015 Crosstour 4WD




2015 Honda Crosstour 4WD


2014 crosstour engine


There are few vehicles like the 2015 Honda Crosstour. It straddles the line between sedan and crossover and gives drivers something unique: a vehicle with the spacious interior of a crossover and the convenient handling of a sedan. And if you want four-wheel drive, it’s available too. It’s hard to think of a more versatile family vehicle option.

Honda’s Real Time 4WD system is paired with the V6 engine on the 2015 Crosstour EX-L, and it kicks on whenever any kind of traction loss is detected, sending power to the rear wheels to give your Crosstour a better grip on the road. This hydraulically actuated system is one of the most dependable options for all-wheel drive, and we’re proud to be able to offer it.

Adding to the Crosstour’s versatility, the 2015 Crosstour EX-L V6 4WD is capable of 278 hp and 252 lb-ft of torque, letting it tow up to 1,500 pounds.

A Family SUV: The 2015 Pilot AWD




2015 Honda Pilot 4WD




If you’ve followed our blog here at Tri-State Honda Dealers, you’ve probably already gathered that we’re fans of the 2015 Honda Pilot. From its LX trim all the way to the Touring, we think that there’s something for nearly every driver in a Honda Pilot, and we’re particularly proud to be able to offer all-wheel drive on all five trim levels.

When you need the control offered by all-wheel drive, the Pilot is here for you, delivering part of its 250 hp and 247 lb-ft of torque to those rear wheels whenever the variable torque management system detects that your SUV has lost traction. But what if you need to activate all-wheel drive on your own?

In that case, you can manually activate the all-wheel drive system, locking the rear differential for speeds of up to 18 mph. Add in the Pilot’s towing capability of 4,500 pounds (2,000 pounds on non-AWD models), and we think it’s clear that this eight-person SUV is one of the best family vehicle choices on the road.

If you just know that you need a Honda with all-wheel drive, we’re happy to help, but we do hope that this overview of these models has given you an idea of what you can expect and which one’s right for you. We’d love to be able to put you behind the wheel of one for a test drive the next time you visit a Tri-State Honda Dealer near you.